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Laser Turned on and glowing. This unit PULSES, Laser turns off and on Rapidly.

Laser Beam against Wall in semi well lit room.

Complete Unit - Laser - Pressure Pad and Allen Wrench

Laser Pad Attachment. Note the two REALLY small (recessed) hex head Screws. To remove the wires, loosen the hex head screws. The screws are like tiny wire clamps.


Box Label

Laser with battery removed.

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Battery Information

Duracell Number TR175

Chemistry: Alkaline
Voltage: 7.5V

Equivalent Batteries:
  • 175, MN175A, PC175, PC175A
  • A175, E175, TR175, TR175S, TR175A
  • EP175,SP175, S175, KEP175
  • 1501, 1501M, HM5C, 5NR44, RW82
  • 21-1175, 23-601

Used for Pet Collars. See Photo for new Radio Shack battery furnished with the unit.

Information on the serial number sticker.
Pulse Beam Model 100
Serial NO.    002424
Mfr. Date:  July 1990